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Re: Manvantaras and Yugas

Jul 23, 1997 11:35 PM
by Titus Roth wrote:

> Titus wrote:

>> I have to agree about the dangers of a certain passive view that has crept
>> into the East. Of course, there is something to be said for not interfering
>> with the Will of God. But there is also something to be said for being
>> responsible for carrying out the Will of God.

> One more time - of course, if I may - what do you mean by the "Will of God?"

By Will of God I mean a wise purposive directing force outside human will.

> What kind of being is God where God would possess a "will?"

Others have described it much better than I could. I give credance to their
descriptions partially because I have experienced fateful events outside my
will directing me more wisely than I was capable of directing myself. At least
they brought me to the gate of something better. I nevertheless had to walk
through the gate and uphill to complete the job.

> And how do we know if we are "interfering with the Will of God" or "carrying
> out the Will of God?"

Obviously it's an error-prone process. But you have to try. With evolvement
and effort, I think you can become strengthen your guidance. A few things
I try:

1) On major decisions I try to still my impulsive side and let guidance come
to me or let things prove themselves to me. If I wait three days, the play of
my lesser desires becomes more clear and I can often times discern if I am
acting out of an egotistical or selfish desire; or out of a selfless desire.
Selfless actions eventually seem to "attract" cooperation (as well as some
initial resistance).

2) I look at synchronistic events that confirm or disconfirm my judgment.  A
humorous example from a friend of mine: against his better judgment, he
procrastinated in a certain dedication and went back to sleep after his radio
alarm woke him up. After the snooze period, the radio went back on with
the lyrics, "You're so irresponsible ..."

3) Meditation helps. It stills restless, rajasic thoughts. But I've seen some
practioners who do not have equal involvement and action that become
unrealistic and fanatical.

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