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Re: Hieroglyphics

Jul 23, 1997 11:46 PM
by Gisele

>The tet or djet or djed pillar was originally a human backbone,
>and was used mainly as the backbone of Osiris. I interpret
>it to mean stability or foundation. In regard to consciousness
>after death, the pillar implies maintaining one's continuity of
>consciousness, an ability often ascribed only to Adepts.

This is the traditional explanation.  Do you have an idea why it would have
4 layers?    Any idea what 'pillars' symbolize in other cultures?

>>Did you base your translation solely on symbolism?  
>Gisele, no. Actually, I used Budge's dictionary, which
>he chose not to use himself. 

I agree with you 100%.  

>I worked under the assumption
>that the ancient Egyptians were reasonably intelligent,
>while Budge considered them "savages."  In just about every
>instance where a direct translation would show intelligence,
>he did not use his own dictionary or grammar rules. The
>new "Bible" of hieroglyphics (Gardinar) is a bit better but not 

I'm curious to know how you handled all the 'multiple-meaning' words and if
you've tried to identify words similar to the Egyptian ones in other


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