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Re: Hieroglyphics

Jul 24, 1997 04:55 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Gisele
<> writes
>>>Japanese, the word for life is 'i no chi'.
>>In Hebrew, Chiim [pl.]
>Thanks!  I hadn't realized that.  Now would you know if the 'im' part also
>represents a word in Hebrew like 'in'?   I know that 'chi' is the word for
>'blood' in Japanese and that the 'kh' part of the Egyptian 'a n kh', is a
>circle which either includes 3 short dashes or is colored solid red.  So,
>would you think that the 3 short dashes might refer to the 'essence' and/or
>the red circle represent 'blood'?  (Egyptologists have recently called it a
Alas, hieroglyphics are not my bag.  The 'im' part of 'Chiim' is heb.
masculine plural (!) and 'life' seems to be invariably reagrded as a
plurality. Something to think about there.  The singular 'Chi' is used
for the name of "Eve" in Genesis, for *she* is the mother of all living.

Confused .... ?

Who isn't!

Good luck with your research.


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