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Re: What's the point?

Jul 23, 1997 05:51 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, writes
>I wonder if the reward and punishment model of Karma is too simplistic.
>There is also the view that Karma more in the nature of equilibrising or
>providing justice. A good topic for discussion. After all any
>speculation is as good as any other, until an Adept is willing to
>explain it, if at all it could be explained in a comprehensive way.

Much too simplistic.  Karma is about the relativity of cause and effect.
It may be influenced by moral and ethical considerations at the human
level, but in esoteric terms it is a *law* and not a point of view.
Justice is a human value judgement (in common parlance at least).
Esoteric Justice is indeed the maintaining of equilibrium, which is
certainly one expression of karma.  Karma is *never* a method of reward
and punishment, these being subjective criteria.  That is has been
presented as such and abused as such by would be esotericists could in
itself, for example, have "karmic" consequences, as seen by the
diminution of the Theosophical Societies which are known to be inclined
to this error.  It is not, however, a judgement upon them (say) but
simply a karmic consequence or their behavior.

Whether you eat half your apple or throw half your apple away, you still
only have half an apple left.


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