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Re: What's the point?

Jul 22, 1997 09:21 PM
by ramadoss

Jaqtarin Samantha Triele wrote:
> With respect to the above analogy, karma is simply a punishment (and
> possibly a reward).  What you do ABOUT the karma is what helps you to
> evolve.  So, IMO, it is better to help a friend (or stranger) in need,
> despite the karma which the significant other might bestow upon you.  Not
> only will you be evolving yourself, but her or him as well.

I wonder if the reward and punishment model of Karma is too simplistic.
There is also the view that Karma more in the nature of equilibrising or
providing justice. A good topic for discussion. After all any
speculation is as good as any other, until an Adept is willing to
explain it, if at all it could be explained in a comprehensive way.


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