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Re: Evolution (sub: What's the point?)

Jul 22, 1997 10:35 PM
by kymsmith

Jaqi wrote:

> Karma "acts" as a "universal" punisher, but not in the sense that it
> is
> destructive.  Unfortunately, IMO, it is not some kind of personal,
> spiritual "parent" that follows you around wherever you go.  If you
> are
> being an angel, and the rest of the world is behaving badly, you are
> going
> to get a kick in the butt just like everybody else.  This is what I
> like
> to call "Karmic chaos".  Even though you are being the perfect angel,
> you
> are still doing something wrong're not doing enough.

I agree, but Karma does seem to be basically illogical.  For example -
as in your "putting the cat in the toilet" analogy in one of your other
posts - when the child is doing this, the child is "punished" or
reprimanded immediately after the act.  The child KNOWS what the error
was and can, therefore, learn correctly and more quickly.

But Karma does not do that.  You get a "kick in the butt" without having
the slightest inclination why.  People are then forced to guess - Is God
in one of THE moods?  Is God testing me?  Was I a serial killer in a
previous life?  Is Satan tormenting and taunting me?  To cope, humanity
spins terrifying tales such as Job or Hell or Heaven, or thinks itself
base and undeserving.

"Karmic chaos," to me, is as efficient in producing fear as is God's
wrath - but, with God, perhaps if you grovel enough, you may touch a
tender spot and God will look elsewhere.  However, Karma is fairer, as
it grants no special favors.

I do believe in Karma far more than a personal God, but I do hope that
Truth really is neither.


P.S.  Interesting posts, Jaqi.

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