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Re: Atlantis

Jul 22, 1997 11:07 PM
by Gisele

Hi Mark!

>Who is Hancock?

I'm sorry... Graham Hancock who wrote 'Fingerprints of the Gods'.   (After
being on several mailing lists whose subscribers hold him as a type of
'god', I wasn't sure if you were serious or not when you asked that
question.) :-)

Hancock connects Osiris with Orion, however Steiner connects him with the

>>Who's descriptions of Atlantis have you studied?  I've read Steiner's,
>>Cayce's and Phylos the Thibetan's....
>All good sources for a study of Atlan stories, lore, myths and legends.
>(Love that Phylos. Have you read the second Phylos book, "An Earth
>Dweller's Return"?) 

Yes, I have them both and I've used Phylos' quotes fairly extensively at my
web page (which is on Atlantis, btw).  I started redoing it/enlarging it
(on my hard drive) about 6 months ago but I'm really dragging my feet about
it (perhaps due to uncertainty).

>I'd add Plato, Blavatsky, N. Roerich, A.P. Sinnett,
>G. de Purucker, W. Scott Elliot, CWL, Manly P. Hall, A.E. Powell, A. A.
>Bailey, C. Berlitz, I. Donnelly, E. Churchward,and Geoffrey Ashe among
>others. How many more would you like?

Which ones of the above obtained the information directly from the akashic
records or independently?   These are the authors that I've been looking
for and this is my way of trying to maintain a steady keel on a difficult
topic.  I have 'The Abridgement to the Secret Doctine, and have read Plato,
Berlitz, Donnelly ...

>>>Whatever one may think about CWL and Annie Besant as reliable theosophic
>>>information sources, (If you really want to hurt your head) 
>>I think you liked that statement. :-)
>"Ouch. My brain hurts. Do I really have to think about this stuff?"

Haha... it has to do with spending 10 or 15 years checking out and
comparing psychic information.  I think I overdeveloped my 'memory'
function at the expense of some others. :-)

>Nice conversing with you, Giselle.

Same here! :-)  Btw, do you know if there's any truth to the rumour that
new ruins have been discovered near Bimini?


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