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Evolution (sub: What's the point?)

Jul 22, 1997 09:14 PM
by Jaqtarin Samantha Triele

Just as an extension to my reply, I'd like to try and define what I
believe is Evolution.  In the spiritual sense, of course.

I don't know how it works for other people, but when I get a reward for
something, it usually means that I have done something right.  Therefore,
I keep doing it right and I don't really learn anything from the reward.
When I get punished in one way or another, I know that I've done something
wrong.  Because I don't like punishments, I tend to try to find a way to
eliminate the discrepency.  By doing so, I learn how to do things right.
Therefore, for me, reward = stasis and punishment = development.

That doesn't meant I just continue doing things wrong in order to receive
punishment.  That is the antithesis to the development process.  If I
continue doing things wrong, then I haven't learned anything.  There is a
flipside to this coin.  Some people like punishment.  "Oooh, spank me."
Not I.  Such people develop just as quickly as others, because these
people normally learn how to do things the right way, but they don't want
to.  The only problem with this is that by causing problems for others,
they slow the development of their "superiors".  (I use "superiors" here
because one who is inferior to you is not likely to punish you for
something, however, I do realize that inferior and superior are relative
to circumstance)  Why?  Because delivering a punishment is basically a
waste of time toward one's personal development.  The time one spends
delivering a punishment could have been spent on making a mistake. :)

Also, on the wrongdoers' side, instead of pursuing other avenues of life,
they choose to concentrate on doing the wrong thing and they have to
waste their time getting punished.  Therefore punishment for the repeated
action is a waste of time for everyone.

For the person who does things right the second time, they have the chance
to explore different problems and circumstances and learn from them.  They
are the ones who will develop.  Enter left stage: Karma.

Karma "acts" as a "universal" punisher, but not in the sense that it is
destructive.  Unfortunately, IMO, it is not some kind of personal,
spiritual "parent" that follows you around wherever you go.  If you are
being an angel, and the rest of the world is behaving badly, you are going
to get a kick in the butt just like everybody else.  This is what I like
to call "Karmic chaos".  Even though you are being the perfect angel, you
are still doing something wrong're not doing enough.

That is why everyone should help each other out when they can.  By not
doing anything with regards to someone else's problem, particularly when
you have the knowledge and/or resources to help, you are doing something
wrong.  Why?  Because when people are in a stressful situation, for
instance, if a man's car breaks down on the side of the road while his
wife is having contractions, he is going to be really ticked off,
particularly once his wife starts yelling at him, if someone doesn't at
least offer to take her to the hospital.  What happens after that?  Well,
provided that no one picks him up, the baby could die.  Or the mother.  Or
everything might be okay and he'll just have a really messy car.  Either
way, pain and suffering ensues.  Pain and suffering is also a waste of

So, all in all, you might evolve, but unless others are helped to evolve,
you'll be prettly lonely up there in the vacuum of space when the next
manvantara comes along.

---Short disclaimer---
The word "you" is not meant as a pointed finger to anyone in particular.
It is a general term used when making reference to the general public. 

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