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Re: ts-l

Jul 23, 1997 05:53 PM
by kymsmith

Doss wrote:

>I wish we had more Tom's.

Whoa!  You really had me going there, doss!  Ha! Ha!  Great joke!  You slay me. 

>Looking forward to see what response he receives.

Yes, Doss, so am I.

Well, Tom????  Did you ever receive an answer to your question (re: CWL)
from the moderator of ts-l?  If you haven't, may I suggest you rat-tat-tat a
gentle, but very polite, reminder of their innocent oversite.

If you have received an answer - well, need I say it?

So, Tombo, it seems there may be a Santa after all - since, perhaps for the
first time, I eagerly await a post from you.  It was bound to happen. . .

Oh, and by the way, is that YOU in the most recent Quest saying "cheese"
with those other 'temples made of flesh?'


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