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Unbridled Shenanigans

Jul 21, 1997 10:46 PM
by Mark Kusek

> I contended that, given the doctrine of the Virgin Birth, he
> would have to be --- after taking into account the assertions that Mary was
> his mother and The Holy Spirit (who was NOT married to Mary) was his father.
> For that is precisely what "illegitimate" means: born of unwed parents.

I always thought it would make a good painting to show Jesus' donkey
(you know, the one he rode into Jerusalem) staring straight at you while
being tied up to a palm tree without anyone on him. Or for that matter,
one of those gilded Buddhist lotus-blossoms that they use as pedestals
for statues, all by itself alone. You could call them the "Holy Shit"
paintings or something like that. I can see a whole series. Hang 'em on
the wall with nice little arrangements of palm fronds and toilet paper
under them. It'd bring us all a little closer, don't you think? 

Or how about putting beautifully carved and gilded medieval mandorlas
aroung the heads of Victoria's Secret models? Or porn stars? Or use a
computer setup to put them on anyone who walks in front of a video
camera? You could set it up at a shopping mall and hint at the
indwelling diety in each one.

Or how about a picture of Vishnu on his serpent bed, adrift on the
cosmic sea, dreaming (and thereby manifesting the universe) of ...
Madonna? (The one with the pointy bras!)

Somebody stop me ...

Mark ;-)
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