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Re: Hieroglyphics

Jul 21, 1997 10:02 PM
by Gisele

Hi Jerry!

  It so happens that I did my own translation of the Book of
>the Dead called Coming Into The Light, which the publisher just
>retitled Egyptian Magick. 

How intriguing!  After 10 years of complaining about the translation of the
Book of the Dead, I have just started working on the translation myself.

>I'm not an Egyptologist, so my translations don't count in acedemia.

Did you base your translation solely on symbolism?  Believing that there
was once a world language, I've been gathering similar words found in other
languages.  One example would be the common word for 'life' - 'i n kh'.  In
Japanese, the word for life is 'i no chi'... in fact there seems to be
quite a few similarities between the Egyptian language and Japanese (and
the only reason I can think for that is that the Japanese remained more in


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