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Re: Unbridled Shenanigans

Jul 22, 1997 10:42 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-07-22 01:30:15 EDT, you write:

>I always thought it would make a good painting to show Jesus' donkey
>(you know, the one he rode into Jerusalem) staring straight at you while
>being tied up to a palm tree without anyone on him. Or for that matter,
>one of those gilded Buddhist lotus-blossoms that they use as pedestals
>for statues, all by itself alone. You could call them the "Holy Shit"
>paintings or something like that. I can see a whole series. Hang 'em on
>the wall with nice little arrangements of palm fronds and toilet paper
>under them. It'd bring us all a little closer, don't you think? 

Years ago,the minister would arrange for a donkey to be in front of the
church every Palm Sunday so the little kids, who normally would never see
such a creature in the flesh, as it were, would know what Jesus rode into
Jerusalem on.  Then when he came over for his Thursday afternoon martini with
mother and me, I asked him why he did that.  Weren't there enough jackasses
in the church already?

Chuck the Heretic

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