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Re: The point being?

Jul 22, 1997 10:08 AM
by ramadoss

At 12:27 AM 7/22/97 -0400, wrote:
>Alan responded to Doss' post:
>> > [Doss] Probably if you believe in manvantaras, slow pace does not at
all matter. We
>> >have all the time in the world to deal with important and critical issues
>> >and we can pick up in the next incarnation.
>>   [Alan]  What a wonderful justification for doing nothing at all!
>> Racism, sexism, injustice, hatred, bigotry - what do they matter on so
>> vast a scale?  Let us leave them for a life or two, or maybe many lives
>> or more.
>Sometimes spiritual teachings do seem to discourage active working on
>behalf of humanity.  The belief that humanity (per Theosophy and others)
>moves from advanced to depraved can be disheartening.  Conversely,
>science and humanism declare the opposite - that life begins as
>rudimentary and progresses (according to fossil study).
>If there is such a thing as manvantaras - where, at the end of one, all
>is supposed to be wiped out by a flood, except for a few humans - just
>to have it happen all over again - then "what's the point?" (We're
>supposed to have anywhere up to or beyond another 400,000 years in Kali
>Yuga, which is the cycle we're supposed to be in now - I think  - I got
>lost a long time ago in the jumble of vast and differing numbers).
>If one really believes that humanity worsens - or individuals only reach
>spiritual perfection in their own particular time - or that trying to
>change someone's opinion/action is hampering their development and, in
>addition, getting you a extra heap of karma to have to deal with - why
>bother?  Where do we go from here? Just work on ourselves?  Stay out of
>politics, debates, conflicts, wars?  Trust that all is well and going
>according to plan? Is it really not possible to hasten another person's
>"progress?"  Is it really not possible to end the "cycles" for all
>beings?  If so, then the suffering of beings - although different ones
>at different times - is eternal.  So, then perhaps, hell does exist -
>but it's not someplace we end up, just something we all have to pass
>through - but why?  If "Being with God," or the "Primary Source," etc.,
>is so grand - why did we ever disjoin in the first place?  What are we
>supposed to do with all the "wisdom" we're gaining as we pass through
>incarnations - just to end up back where we originated?  
>The more I read, the more I end up chasing my tail.
Hi, Kim:

Manvantara - end of Manu period of administration, is quite far away even if
one believes the possibility. Problems that we have are here and now and now
is the time for action and once this is very clear, we are ready for action
right now, not at any hypothetical future time or opportunity. 

I was just sarcastic when I refered to Manvantara.

Action is what is important and counts.


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