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Egyptian/Eastern wisdom

Jul 21, 1997 11:29 PM
by Mark Kusek

>Gisele wrote:

>Hi Mark!

>>One meaning of the Greek Logos is "word" - a phrase or symbol taken from
>>the Ancient Mysteries meaning the "Lost Word," the "lost" logos of man's
>>heart and brain. The Logos of our own planetary chain, so far as this
>>Fourth Round is concerned, is the Wonderous Being or Silent Watcher

>Ok.  Is this like the hierarchy?  I've read about the 'Christ' on the sun
>and 'Osiris' on the moon (which doesn't fit in well with Hancock's theories.)

Yes. It is a reference to offices in Hierarchy as agents of evolution. 
You are opening the door to a vast body of wonderful doctrine. Who is

>>For example, according to theosophy, the first two "Divine Dynasties" of
>>Egypt were supposedly highly successful Atlan civilizations (complete
>>with Initiate rulers). Laying the groundwork in that region for a
>>religion and culture of Adept wisdom. Likewise in the "East", having
>>both the Turanian and Mongolian sub-races of the Atlantean race spread
>>abroad in those areas as well as the direct influence of Shamballah in
>>Central Asia.

>Who's descriptions of Atlantis have you studied?  I've read Steiner's,
>Cayce's and Phylos the Thibetan's....

All good sources for a study of Atlan stories, lore, myths and legends.
(Love that Phylos. Have you read the second Phylos book, "An Earth
Dweller's Return"?) I'd add Plato, Blavatsky, N. Roerich, A.P. Sinnett,
G. de Purucker, W. Scott Elliot, CWL, Manly P. Hall, A.E. Powell, A. A.
Bailey, C. Berlitz, I. Donnelly, E. Churchward,and Geoffrey Ashe among
others. How many more would you like?

>>Whatever one may think about CWL and Annie Besant as reliable theosophic
>>information sources, (If you really want to hurt your head) 

>I think you liked that statement. :-)

"Ouch. My brain hurts. Do I really have to think about this stuff?"

>>I would recommend A.E. Powell's compilation "The Solar System" (ISBN
>>7229-5225-2) for an interesting and readable account of supposed early
>>root race history.

>I've already read Steiner's account of this and I did not have to hurt my
>head  :-),  however I did have to make some deep readjustments.  Was Powell

I don't think so. I know him only as a compiler of (mainly) CWL and
Annie Besant. He tried to gather theosophical info from multiple sources
on various topics and make it easily accessible.

Nice conversing with you, Giselle.
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