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Re: the point in the circle

Jul 16, 1997 00:43 AM
by Tim Maroney

>Mark, you gave a great response, and I can only think of
>two other meanings for the circle and point.  First is the
>O.T.O.'s interpretation, where the point is Hadit and the
>circle is Nuit.  Second is my own I-Not-I Monad where
>the point is the I (self) and the circle is the Not-I (world).

Not so much an O.T.O. thing as a Thelema thing -- the O.T.O. doesn't own 
Crowley's tradition (though they do own his copyrights). But anmyway, my 
recollection is that it's easy to find point-in-circle references in 19th 
century esoteric Freemasonry writers such as Mackey and Pike. This is 
presumably where both whoever wrote the Book of Dzyan (Blavatsky?) and 
whoever wrote the Book of the Law (Crowley?) got it, and they may have 
derived it from the astrological glyph for the Sun. If it weren't so late 
at night I'd get you some more detailed references....

Tim Maroney

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