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Re: Eastern/Egyptian Wisdom

Jul 15, 1997 11:45 PM
by Gisele


Thank-you for your comprehensive answer although it seems much more
complicated than I thought.  I'm familiar with Steiner's terminology but
find it difficult to associate it with what you've described.  Perhaps I
just need to dwell on it some more.

Second question:  This symbol (circle with the dot in the center) appears
very frequently in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and is usually interpreted
as 'the sun'.  Would the sun be an appropriate characterization or physical
symbol for what you've described?  Would you expect this symbol to be
throughout a book said to be dealing with the afterlife?  I'm working on a
theory that the Egyptian esoteric wisdom is the same as the one from the
East but misinterpreted and mistranslated somewhat.

Then Jerry wrote:

Mark, you gave a great response, and I can only think of
two other meanings for the circle and point.  First is the
O.T.O.'s interpretation, where the point is Hadit and the
circle is Nuit.  Second is my own I-Not-I Monad where
the point is the I (self) and the circle is the Not-I (world).

I'm always looking for word associations and have not heard of the word
'Nuit' before although it appears similar, phonetically, to the Egyptian
'Nut'.  Any idea if these could have meant the same thing?


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