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Re: TS-L?

Jul 16, 1997 04:44 AM
by ramadoss

At 06:28 AM 7/16/97 -0400, Tom Robertson wrote:
>Kym wrote:
>>Do "they" actually delete material from an individual's post?  Do "they"
>>ever change the wording of one's post?  Have "they" ever refused to post
>>someone's writings?  How does one know what one can write and what one
>I heard that this "Joan somebody" rules it with a iron hand, and that
>nothing she disagrees with has ever appeared on it.
Interesting info. I am sure that if this person is a paid employee of TSA,
then there may be others higher up behind her in helping her to *moderate*. 

Has anyone seen this person on theos-xxxx? May be it would be a good
experience for this person to visit and see personally how an un moderated
list works and works well.


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