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Re: Where have all the Masters gone?

Jul 02, 1997 05:15 AM
by ramadoss

At 08:36 PM 7/1/97 -0400, Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
>In message <>, JOSEPH PRICE
><> writes
>>But since you brought it up, isn't it strange that the 
>>Masters were talking to Blavatsky, Sinnent, Leadbetter, Bessant and Bailey
>>have fallen strangely silent.  Have we fallen so low? 
>It isn't strange at all when we realise that all the above-named are now
>dead.  If there are any "Masters" and there were to speak through any
>one of us on this list (say) and those concerned passed on the good news
>- who would believe them?  I am certain that more than one latter-day
>theosophist has had communication of this kind, including myself.  I am
>equally certain that others will tell us we are deluded, or on an ego-
>trip, or peddling our own "version" of the ancient wisdom, or ....

        Well said. It is quite likely that the Masters are talking to many
of us even though many time we think some of the ideas are our own and may
not be even  aware that they were put into our consciousness and brain.

        I have used as simple test. If an idea is going to help Humanity,
then it is something worthwhile and in all probability the inspiration is
coming on from a Higher Source. 


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