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Jul 02, 1997 05:28 AM
by ramadoss

At 06:09 PM 7/1/97 -0400, JOSEPH PRICE wrote:
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>Date: Tue, 1 Jul 97 18:25:20 UT
>From: "JOSEPH PRICE" <>
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>Gail and Dara:
>.      There needs to be a genuine ability to forget old antipathies such
>as the Leadbeater/Besant criticisms; the Krishnamurti dissensions; the
>Judge/Besant hiatus;  the notion that Blavatsky was the only 'giver of
>wisdom'--and so on.
>Eldon Tucker:
>There are some assumptions
>implicit in it, though, assumptions that are not always aggreed to by
>everyone joining our theosophical groups.
>Some of the assumptions are:
>* There are Mahatmas. They are genuinely more evolved than the typical
>  seeker or person we might run across in our everyday lives.
>* They have an occult hierarchy, with a lineage of teachings or knowledge 
>  passed down from one generation of Adepts to the next.
>* Blavatsky was a bona fide representative of them, and accurately 
>  presented some of their knowledge.
>* The material presented by Blavatsky was as least in part literally true.
>  It did not consist completely of blinds, metaphor, and veils. 
>* The materials presented were dealing with the timeless philosophy, and 
>  not with now out-of-date references to the science of the 1800's.
>* There is something special or precious about the doctrines, something 
>  that makes it a public service for us to learn and share it with others.
>I am not going to make personal attacks on anyone living or dead anymore, 
>except maybe a joke or two.  I am not trying to attack Theosophical 
>fundamentalists or new age let's tolerate everyone's opinion whether it makes 
>sense or not.   But I do think a new period of inclusiveness, a kind of 
>rainbow coalition of theosophical organizations is in order.  Has anyone 
>thought of a Parliment of Theosohpical Groups, now that will curl your hair or 
>straighten things out?  I am not sure which, but I really can't believe that 
>we can include the general public into the ANCIENT WISDOM if we INSIST that 
>Blavatsky had a corner on the market!
>Keith Price


A Parliament of Theosophical Groups is possible. This is likely to happen
only outside of established organizations. This is due to the built-in
problems of the personal agendas and ambitions (spiritual or temporal) and
axes to grind that generally pervades organizations of all types. Why should
we think that human beings are going to change overnight? Atleast this is IMHO.


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