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Re: Brotherhood

Jul 01, 1997 05:03 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, joyce bays
<> writes
>In all my research and learning I have come to believe that everyone is not 
>at the same place on the path of enlightment, neither have we yet reached 
>perfection. I feel this should also apply to the founders, Masters and 
>leaders that have gone before us. Just because we can find some things to 
>pick them apart for, does not make their teachings any less revelent. IMHO 
>just as you would seperate the chaff from the wheet so one must search for 
>the truths that lie within for themselves.

Thanks for your sound common sense!  Those who went before us - just as
we do - made mistakes.  Some of believe we should aknowledge them *and
point them out* when they are discovered.  Unfortunately, for some
theosophists our forerunners have acquired an almost "holy" and
"infallible" patina which historical enquiry does not justify.  Such
attitudes do the theosophical quest great harm, IMHO.


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