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Jul 01, 1997 12:10 PM
by joyce bays


I have been lurkeing in the background lately as nothing has moved me to 
respond untill now.

As I said before I am new to the Theosophical Society, but not new to the 

In all my research and learning I have come to believe that everyone is not 
at the same place on the path of enlightment, neither have we yet reached 
perfection. I feel this should also apply to the founders, Masters and 
leaders that have gone before us. Just because we can find some things to 
pick them apart for, does not make their teachings any less revelent. IMHO 
just as you would seperate the chaff from the wheet so one must search for 
the truths that lie within for themselves.

When I joined the Socity I did not join thinking that I would find 
perfection amongest other members or past members, I just hoped for the 
felowship of other seekers like myself. I feel one should accept everyone 
for what they are and where they are on the path. Some may seem further in 
some aspects while you may seem further along in other aspects. When all is 
said and done each one of us will eventually end up in the same place . 
When we are perfect enough to return to the Absolute.



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