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New York Meetings

Jul 01, 1997 12:31 PM
by Mika Perala

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> Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 07:50:19 -0400
> From: Bart Lidofsky <>
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> Subject: Re: Suggestions
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>Bart wrote:
> > >       Feel free to join the New York Lodge. We can use all the
> we
> > >can get.


> Attending meetings would be kind of difficult from Cornwallm UK! but
> thanks for the idea!

 I was there once about an year ago and I can recommend. Though it is quite
a long trip from Helsinki too!! Maybe once a decade for me(my wallet sighed
for relief hearing that...) 8)

Bart, say thanks for me to the lady who made the food and gave some with
me. Don`t remember her name but I guess she makes it often for the lodge


> Sent: 	Sunday, June 29, 1997 10:28 AM
> Subject: 	Theos-World Atlantis Hall of records

Anyone have more info..apparently the first excavation has been

> One of Cayce's prophecies is that the Hall of Records will be found
> underground between the Sphinx and Pyramid...anyone have the latest
> info...I know they have done seismic surveys and confirmed underground

> chambers...fascinating

they have excavated and found the tunnel that connects the sphinx and
great pryamid. they(egypt) have put a clamp on sight and refuse to
the room under the sphinxs.

Keith:   Dear Patrick and ALL:

I just happened on the ART BELL WEB PAGE and there is an in depth report with 
pictures and diagrams concerning a secret excavation into what they are 
choosing to call the HALL OF RECORDS.

I wish I were psychic or get in touch with my past lives with some accuracy, 
but I DO have the intuition that I was a scribe in Ancient Egypt.  Manly Hall 
has some diagrams that seem to map certain rituals that were performed at 
Karnak and possible inside the Sphinx/Pyramids.

The reasearch seems to point that AMON RA masturbated the universe into 
existence (this has been documented on several good TV programs).  It isn't 
too our taste (except for CWL -that was cheap, but I couldn't resist).   The 
Chrisitians and Victorian archeologists did their best to destroy the phalllic 

imagery and present Egypt in a light acceptable to the mores of the day (and 
we know what they were).  Queen Victoria couldn't believe homosexuals really 
existed until Oscar Wilde, I guess.

Anyway, check out the web page.  Yes, it is Art Bell of Hale-Bopp companion 
fame, but he does a lot to get some of these strange things out in the public 
eye.   I think we are about to lear a lot about the history of the 
Atlantis-Egypt connection, but the Egyptian government is not cooperating.  I 
have had a premonition that some would like to recreate these rituals, but 
they wouldn't be a family values-theme park money making kind of thing, so 
Egypt (today) is trying to suppress the embarrassing high jinks of their 
anscestors,  but I also believe that they were possibly in touch with true 

Keith Price


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