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Re: New York Meetings

Jul 01, 1997 02:40 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Mika Perala wrote:
 >Bart wrote:
> > > >       Feel free to join the New York Lodge. We can use all the
> volunteers
> > we
> > > >can get.
> Alan:
> > Attending meetings would be kind of difficult from Cornwallm UK! but
> > thanks for the idea!
>  I was there once about an year ago and I can recommend. Though it is quite
> a long trip from Helsinki too!! Maybe once a decade for me(my wallet sighed
> for relief hearing that...) 8)
> Bart, say thanks for me to the lady who made the food and gave some with
> me. Don`t remember her name but I guess she makes it often for the lodge
> meetings.

	That was Erachie Brown, who recently got elected to our Board of
Directors. She was also sent to the most recent Olcott Experience
weekend. I will send your regards.

	Bart Lidofsky

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