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Jun 29, 1997 07:00 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

Dear Judith,

I think there are a number of people who have the same idea of unification
of Theosophists that you have. I think working together is in progress here
and there, but it's not very pronounced.
About 10 years ago, we all got together for a conference in New York City
and made contact, and brainstormed etc. I talked to some ladies from
Pasadena, and to a gentleman from ULT that time. I don't really know what
came of it, but the contacts were made.
Also, I've borrowed some video tapes from the Olcott Library consisting of
talks explaining Theosophy, given during the Parliament of World Religions
several years ago. The platform was shared by speakers of 3 theosophical
groups Adyar, ULT, Pasadena. I thought the presentations were super. Tony
Lysy was in charge. John Algeo spoke a few words from the audience.

There are attempts being made at working together. As far as the internet is
concerned, I think that's not difficult. All you need to do is create links
to all the other cogent home pages. I was hoping that theos-l would be a
meeting place for all, but I'm about to drop out, because there's an
intolerance towards Leadbeater, which I'm no longer willing to tolerate.
I've asked these people any number of times now to do something more
productive than hurl mud at each other, but I guess they're too thick.It
doesn't sink in. Besides that, there's too much bickering and not enough
discussion of Theosophy. So I'm quitting theos-l and concentrating on ts-l.
But basically, in theory, I think we should all try to work together,
including Bailey people and Steiner people.


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