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Re: Theos-World Announcement

Jun 29, 1997 07:00 AM
by ramadoss


I visited Don's URL. In the disclaimer, Don has linked John's complete
letter. So everyone can read John's full letter for themselves. Now I hope
there should be no confusion about Don's URL as to what it is and what it is

One of the tricks to induce visitor traffic to any URL is their links and
content, in that order.  The links that Don has provided should be of help
to anyone who is searching for Theosophical materials on the web. Of course
one can always use one of the search engines. I will be looking forward to
more useful links as Don discovers them.

Again Don, keep up the good work. You have done a wonderful job. This again
proves that it is the individual enthusiasm and enterprenuership that gets
things done fast and quickly (and in the most cost effective way) as has
been proven time and again. Generally, established organizations tend to be
very slow to act (due to their built-in inertia) and in the fast moving
techonology of Internet, it shows up all the more.

MK Ramadoss

At 01:38 AM 6/27/97 GMT, you wrote:
>I have been working in the web, creating web pages mainly on theosophy for
>over 2 years. One of those pages is a page dedicated to "The Theosophical
>Society". The Society founded by the Founders. That page has been in the
>web for almost 2 years and nobody has complained about it, nobody until
>now! The Administration from Wheaton requested from me to put a disclaimer
>on that page. According to John, that page "is not connected with the
>Society". It doesn't matter that I have been an active member for 30 years.
>Still, according to him, my page on the Theosophical Society is "not
>connected to the Theosophical Society".
>Anyway, there is a disclaimer already on my TS page for everybody to see.
>This is the URL:
>Happy surfing!
>Rudy Don
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