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URL Matter

Jun 26, 1997 11:08 PM
by ramadoss

Here is an interesting post I saw. ....doss

> Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 01:38:23 GMT
> From: Rodolfo Don <>
> Subject: Theos-World Announcement

I have been working in the web, creating web pages mainly on theosophy for
over 2 years. One of those pages is a page dedicated to "The Theosophical
Society". The Society founded by the Founders. That page has been in the
web for almost 2 years and nobody has complained about it, nobody until
now! The Administration from Wheaton requested from me to put a disclaimer
on that page. According to John, that page "is not connected with the
Society". It doesn't matter that I have been an active member for 30 years.
Still, according to him, my page on the Theosophical Society is "not
connected to the Theosophical Society".

Anyway, there is a disclaimer already on my TS page for everybody to see.

This is the URL:

Happy surfing!

Rudy Don

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