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Re: Impersonality & Arguments

Jun 23, 1997 10:20 AM
by JRC

On Mon, 23 Jun 1997, Tom Robertson wrote:
> My first post on this list, more than 6 months ago, asked what was meant
> by sexism in a way that retained its negative connotations.  I still have
> yet to hear an answer from anyone.  When it is used to mean "believing
> there are differences between men and women," or when racism is used to
> mean "believing there are differences between races," they become useless
> as tools for criticism, since there is nothing wrong with being aware of
> such differences.  And when they are used in this reckless way, it only
> creates the need for new words to mean what they used to mean, and, as
> happened in the story of the boy who cried "Wolf!," it deafens listeners'
> ears, exposing authentic victims to ridicule.
Not hearing answers you like or accept is by no means the same thing as
not being answered. you were answered, fully, and by several people. Until
people got tired of playing with you.

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