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Jun 23, 1997 07:03 AM
by Wildefire

In a message dated 97-06-23 07:26:28 EDT, Liesel wrote:

(quoting me up to the closing parethesis after "Elders")
> >the TS's Joycelyn Elders) (She's the greatest.)
>  Har har hardihar har har, Lynn

Just to make sure no one's confused, Liesel added the parenthetical remark
"(She's the greatest.)" to the line where I'm quoted. Liesel, this was just
in case someone missed my original message and would otherwise think that I
said that. :-)

Now that I think about this some more and remember the uproar our former
Surgeon General Dr. Elders made when she recommended teaching about
masturbation in public schools, I can imagine how livid parents of CWL's
students must have been when the accusations were made against him (however
rightly or wrongly). At least in a private educational setting, parents can
choose to take their children elsewhere if they don't like the content or
quality of the curriculum. Parents of children in public schools don't have
that choice, especially poverty-stricken parents, and our politicians don't
even want to give them vouchers so that they can make these decisions for
themselves. (Meanwhile, our "illustrious" president, while opposing school
choice for the American public, exercised his right to school choice and sent
Chelsea to private school.)  This is just one reason why some of us become so
furious at liberals who continue to extort taxes from us to pay for programs
we don't even agree with (and don't even work) while denying us the means to
make our own choices.


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