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Jun 22, 1997 10:56 AM

Almost forty years earlier, in his Heart of Asia, Nicholas Roerich, the mystic
painter and explorer, conveyed the esoteric teaching he received in
trans-Himalayan monasteries concerning the work of Kalki Maitreya before the
end of the twentieth century:

It is predicted that the manifestations of Maitreya shall come after the wars.
But the final war shall be for the cause of the True Teaching. But each one
rising up against Shamballa shall be stricken in all his works. And the waves
shall wash away his dwellings. And even a dog shall not answer to his call. No
clouds but lightning shall he see on the final night. And the fiery messenger
shall rise up on pillars of Light. The Teaching indicates that each warrior of
Shamballa shall be named the Invincible. The Lord Himself hastens. And his
banner is already above the mountains. Thy Pasture shall reach the Promised
Land. When thou tendest thy flocks, dost thou not hear the voices of the
stones? These are the toilers of Maitreya, who make ready for thee the

Keith:  I found this on the internet.  It is by R  N Iyer of the Theosophy
Lodge on-line.   First does anyone know about him or her or this organization
(yes, I should research for myself I know, but you can give me an opinion)?

I found his ideas very interesting in that many are waiting for the WORLD
TEACHER - some thought it was Krishnamurti.  He had sense enough to take off
that vestiture.  Other seem to be playing out the role first as guru savior,
then as destroyer, if not of the world , then of their limited little cult.
You know them.  Jim Jones, David Koresh, Ti and Do of Heavensgate, the solar
temple people, that Japanese poison gas cult etc.

I can think of a few strange others, like Timithy McVeigh.   He really though
he was a dark savior of a world that had grown so corrupt that it need to be
blown apart even if the innocent children suffered because the world would
soon corrupt their innocence so he was doing them a favor in his twisted mind.
 You have to kind of have a feel for these things - like in the SILENCE OF THE
LAMBS - the screaming of the innocent lambs was the one thing Hannibal the
Cannibal could use to manipulate the forces of good and order and control
symbolized by the feminine embodiment of the FBI, CIA, ATF et al ie Jodie
Foster as the agent.

I don't think it does anyone anygood to meditate on this for too long, because
it opens one up just to such negative neurotic symptoms we all have from
childhood and early adulthood regarding unjustified sufffering of aninmal and
children, unfairness of life, our animal need to eat and have recreational sex
(despite what the Baptists say), and all that.

I also think all these alien and UFO sightings are obviously looking for a
saviour/destroyer a la Kalki Avatar.  Did you see MARS ATTACKS!  It is a very
gnostic movie, in a way, in my opionion.  The Shirley McLaine character
expects the Martians to be HIGER BEINGS of enlightenment as she clutches her
crystal and does her mudras and chanting.   Later she picks up a gun and blows
the snot out of them.   So much for spiritual transformation :)


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