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Transplants and Clones

Jun 21, 1997 11:07 AM

>An operation such as a heart transplant would have a very profound
>effect on both individuals as their Karma would be mixed in a very
>intimate way.

Maybe I'm inferring more than was implied in this article, but it seems
to be frowning on organ transplants due merely to the fact that it might
mingle the donor's non-physical influence with that of the recipient.
Any help that anyone gives to anyone is interfering with them, but that
doesn't necessarily make it bad.  It also seems to say that extending
life is futile, since death is an illusion, anyway.  If this is true, why
not apply that principle consistently and not care at all in any way
about the quality or the duration of one's life?  Maybe if children are
starving to death, we shouldn't feed them, since the only thing that
matters is their spiritual growth.  Maybe cleanliness should be
neglected, since it only pertains to an illusory life, anyway.

Keith:  Yup!  I am glad I am not a Master and have to justify the ways of
Karma to man.  I think Blavatsky's real insight was seeing the loss of the
Paradise of Religious solutions to life's problems and the coming of the
Promise of a Paradise Regained of a Scientific Heaven of physical solutions.
The problem was creating a synthesis of science, religion and philosophy
(ethic, morality, aesthetics etc) that would give us some answers to some
really new problems humanity would soon be facing.

Religion says pray and let them die and go to their "reward" of heaven or
hell.  Science says keep the pumps going, the research going --- we are going
to get to a better world through progress someday - everyday.  The Ancient
Wisdom provides no easy Utopias, but suggest long cycles governed by
impersonal karmic formulas (and sometime suggest their are more personal
representatives of karma called Masters).

My mind shudders at the new Mingeles who own the HMO's who say "cut costs and
let em suffer/die" as long a I and my kin get enough money to build our
beautiful Eagle's Nests ( mansions with moats of utter elitism and
discrimination surrounding them).

Of course we are "lucky" to have such problems in the
scientific/materialistic/ capitalistic world.  I don't care what anyone says,
I am not moving to Tibet even if Shamballa is there!.  The Dali Lama had
enough since to get away from those hateful communist Chinese and he certainly
know more than I.

Here is a question:  If you clone the Dali Lama, how many true incarnations of
the Buddha can you have?   Answer:  There are an infinite number of
boddhisattvas, no?   Given a democratic vote, would people vote for a hundred
clones of the Dali Lama, Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone, or Dennis Rodman?


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