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Personal or Global Morality

Jun 21, 1997 10:34 AM

Summer is time when the list is usually less active.  I just got back from
Denver.  I don't know if DENVER is a POWER CENTER of some kind, but with the T
McVeigh trial, J Bonet Ramsey murder and now the economic summit, not to
mention my little 'spiritual" conference, I can't help but feel something is
going on there.

I notice through browsing quickly through some of the posts that people are
talking about things I talked about last year like militias, sexuality and
spiritualiy, astromomical pheonomema etc as well as the usual TS historical

TO COME TO A POINT:  There seems to be two types of moral or ethical
imperatives that people are confusing (or maybe it is just me)  :::)))

What is the responsibility of the inidividual and what is the responsibility
of the government or societal movements.  I am thinking of terms like Nazism,
liberalism, theosophical ideas of a nucleus of world (leaders?) or followers
of the Masters.   In other words, we cannot assume that humanity and world
governments are going to adopt progressive theosophical ideas.  There is a
tremedous movement to return to Biblical values of nations states, tribal
gods, family values etc.   Notice the Disney boycott by the Southern Baptist
Conventions.  We are likely to see more, not less of this.

A nucleus of humanity implies to me (whether for good or ill) and elite that
makes decisions for the unwashed, untutored and unelightened masses.  I am
being heavily sarcastic here.  Those of you that don't know me, may assume
that I am suggesting such snobbery is good.  The American experiment which in
many ways is an occult experiment with a giganitic laboratory of old world
ideas, suggests that democracy is the best way to go.  Therefore things like
voting myself money and benefits from the general purse (welfare, social
security, medicare) etc.  has been seen as a harmless pastime.

Now we are in a new cycle of paying collective karma.  Who is going to bear
the burden of the past dancing to the tune of trillions of dollars of national
debt?  The next generation!  May I not incarnate in such "interesting" times
as the next hundred years!
Sure compassion and care for the poor are in any spiritual game plan, but can
we continue to live in the maya of a bottomless pit of entitlements.

I am thinking too about myself.  To what extent do I really pay my own karma
and to what extent do I try to push it off on others.  Projection of karmic
debts is a bad habit like alcoholism, smoking and welfare.  At some point it
catches up with the individual and society.  Now we want the tobacco companies
to pay reparations.  President Clinton wants us (?) to apologize to them (?)
for slavery and I guess make more affirmative action reparations.

Theosophy can be seen as putting karma on a grand scale from its Cosmogenesis
chapters and puts karma more on an individual basis in its Anthropogenesis

And to end:  what is the difference between a Nazi and a liberal, how about
thirty years and the winning of a World War?

Keith Price

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