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Re: Transplants

Jun 21, 1997 11:02 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

Tom Robertson wrote:
> doesn't necessarily make it bad.  It also seems to say that extending
> life is futile, since death is an illusion, anyway.  If this is true, why
> not apply that principle consistently and not care at all in any way
> about the quality or the duration of one's life?  Maybe if children are
> starving to death, we shouldn't feed them, since the only thing that
> matters is their spiritual growth.  Maybe cleanliness should be
> neglected, since it only pertains to an illusory life, anyway.

	That reminds me of one of my favorite Emily Sellon sayings: If our
physical bodies are so unimportant, why did the Universe go through so
much trouble giving them to us?

	Bart Lidofsky

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