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Year 2000 [Fwd: Re: Strategic Investment]

Jun 19, 1997 06:56 AM
by Patrick Alessandra, Psy.D.

> I saw the same article, along with the post here about Silver Bullet
> Systems.  Everything I've read up until now states that there is no
> "Silver Bullet" for this problem.  Are these legitimate solutions and can
> we relax a little bit about this problem?

     Hmmm..there is no "silver bullett" the USA a lot of work is
going on...the most uncertain factors have to do with military systems
around the world and info-systems in third world nations (Russia,

>  I'm quite curious about this if
> anyone knows some specifics as I'm convinced that, unchecked, we're facing
> a huge problem with Y2K.

     It's big...l.there is an article at

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