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Olive branch to Kym...and thanks, Jaqi!!!

Jun 19, 1997 08:13 AM
by Wildefire

In a message dated 97-06-17 23:22:31 EDT, Jaqi wrote:

>  When I first started going through the digests yesterday, I had to laugh a
>  little due to the large amount of sarcasm and finger-pointing, especially
>  with regards to the thread belonging largely to Lynn and Kym.  However, as
>  I read on, the thread seemed to turn into some kind of word-war.(Word War
>  I?)  Ouch.  Bad pun.  My spleen twitched a little.


You are so right, Jaqi. It did turn into a Word War <g> and I totally accept
responsibility for my role in it. Please accept my apologies for causing your
spleen to twitch as a result of my having vented mine. (Ouch! That's just as
bad.) Despite the weak joke, I do mean this apology very seriously to you, to
Kym, and to the rest of the list.

<friendly snip of remarks that truly put this into perspective for me> You
are the personification of the Blessed be the Peacemaker Beatitude!!!! Thank


I ask your forgiveness if my remarks hurt you in any way. I know that I
became very shrill and overly-vociferous in defending my point of view.
Please accept this olive branch and let's agree to disagree. This is not at
all easy. But, if I learned anything from the heart attack I had a few months
ago, it is that I could leave this incarnation at any time. (Well, I've
always known that, but there's nothing like a heart attack to really drive
the point home.) I definitely don't want to do that (not that I'm actually
expecting to at any time soon <g>) without having made amends with anyone I
may have hurt or without having said whatever things I *should* have said to


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