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Well-researched? NOT!!

Jun 19, 1997 12:08 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Doss lauds Tom's post on CWL.  I must point out that it uses
sources that are secondary, that do not access the relevant
primary sources, and that are either accidentally or willfully
blind to the facts.  There is only one well-researched
secondary source on this issue, Tillett's book.  And if you
think he's biased and untrustworthy, he still leads you right
to the primary sources that show what really happened.

Whenever JHE has posted here the relevant information he has
gotten attacked for it.  Come on people, stop being ostriches!
The TS was a haven for full scale sexual abuse of the worst
kind, for years and years, due to the willful blindness of
people like...

Well, people who refuse to even look at the evidence that would
upset their belief system.

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