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The beat goes on

Jun 19, 1997 00:09 AM
by Mark Kusek

>Since the beginning of time, people have mastered the art of
>masturbation without any formal 'hands-on' instruction.  I fail to
>understand why CWL thought his "teaching" was necessary.  How do
>you teach someone to touch themselves - well - correctly?

Maybe the teaching was not just physical. Maybe he was teaching
something about how occult laws relate to masturbation.

>It doesn't make any sense.  Neither motive - "instruct or personal
>gratification - can be justified.

I don't see why the motive to instruct cannot be justified.  One of his
pupils was who he thought was to be the World Teacher, and maybe he
wanted to be careful and thorough in his training.  Who knows?

>> So, is there or is there not an advocated theosophical way to
>> masturbate? (slyly)

> Kym:
> Oh, man, I hope not. . .

> Bart:
> In such a way that benefits humanity the most, of course.

Lets just be sure, people, when discussing this, that we make sure to
use gender inclusive language, so as not to offend any body.

[There is Ancient Wisdom in India that suggests "God" as the "One"
created the cosmos as an act of masturbatory fantasy. (And you wonder
why they call samadhi, "Bliss?")]

Might it not be time for Krishnamurti's famous "Masturbation is a
Pathless land" speech?

"Join the holy orgy, Kama Sutra everyone!" - Hair
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