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Militias & Year 2000

Jun 18, 1997 06:20 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

As int'l finance will end in year 2000 and most main computers will
go hawire the issue has come up on <> about the
military computers (in missles, ships, etc.).  The military brass is
apparently the only gov't branch that is being honest is sayng that
there is no fix and we need to reset with more conventional systems.
Our hitech military systems will be undependable and so there is serious
concern that any nation with less hitech systems could mount a landing
in Florida unopposed (no joke).  In such a case the wisdom of the
framers of the U.S. Bill of Rights will be made will be
citizen's militia's called to provide defense. ( ...the word "militia"
as used in the 2nd amendment means a citizenry which is able to
appropriately defend itself, regulated by the local State ).

Happy days,

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