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Re: On the subject of militias (One has to proceed with care!!)

Jun 18, 1997 04:53 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

Patrick Alessandra Jr. wrote:
> Thank you for your thorough response...
>     Most militia's are totally dedicated to the protection of freedom
> for all human beings...the influence of gov't agents on such is well
> known and understood.
>     Please consider that the word "militia" as used in the U.S.
> Constitution's 2nd amendment means a citizenry which is able to
> appropriately defend itself and is regulated by the local State.

	Consider that the word, "regulated", in 1789 had to do with setting of
standards, and not control.

	In New York, there is a group called the "Guardian Angels", which,
although they do not carry firearms, pretty much fit the defintion of a
"militia". While not everybody agrees with them, they do generally good
work, and attempt to cooperate with the state whenever possible.

	Bart Lidofsky

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