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On the subject of militias (One has to proceed with care!!)

Jun 17, 1997 02:55 PM
by Romero Cortez D.Ma

> > Most militias are racist - all one need do is read their literature.
>      That statement is completely FALSE it true.unfortunately.if not racist, they are facist, sexist,
you name it.

>      ...most militias have an oath the same as the U.S. president and
> military to protect and serve the U.S. Consittution and Declaration of
> Independence.  The VAST majority of militia participants are there
> because they believe in freedom ans inalienable rights for all.

As Wayne's saying:" NOT!!"

> > There are NO, I repeat, NO parallels between what happened to the Jews and
> > what is happening with the militias.  This is AN INSULT to the Jewish
> > people.  My god.
>      Woa...the violation of basic rights is an exact parralell and the
> slaughter at Waco and murder at Montana is a prelude of what would be
> done if could be...
> P
You cannot do an atrocity and justify that was done because of another
atrocity was being commited.

More on the subject of militias:

>   As I am one who knows militias I assure that the majority are not
> fascist but fully support the principles of inalienable rights for all.
> Peace,
> P

That is the problem: you don't know well what is really a definition of
I think was Jaqi, the one who posted something about "Some militias are
not racist, they tend to defend pepole rights' and stand for the pepole"
-i really could'nt find the post of that,lots of past digests without
	That is the problem: those "Good militias" are NOT MILITIAS in the
accurate sense of the word. the funtioning of those militias is more
accurate to the concept of guerrilla and insurgency.
	As accurate and precise Alan would say,Guerrillas and insurgency
groups, (Kshattryas that love they community, and want to make changes
-in the armed way,because it was the only way left-) join those kind of
organizations in order to subvert the stablished order (Good examples
right here in Mexico) In these events, in each armed group, there is an
intervention of 2 diffrent polarities (like the natural law of polarity
accomplishing) the ying and yang, the good and the bad.
When the bad part is the one that domminates (In perverse/erroneous
forms of taught) the very very right wing armed groups (Like the
ultraright facist militias) and the very very left wing armed groups
(Like the maoist type armed groups and guerrillas-bad guerrillas,killers
of pepole by stupid motives-) Appear, those Kshattryas want power, want
to fight, but for a wrong reason. Let us not confound the insurgency
type of armed movement with a facist armed group like most US militias.

And, just to deppress Patrick (And the pepole that STILL think that
those paramililtary militias have good motives in their fight)

Do you know that those kind of militias (As also some
contrarevolutionary groups in latin and south America,and some ultraleft

In some cases, some of these groups are SO EFECTIVE,that subvert and
destroy a democratic-well established goverment (As did the CIA in
Guatemala in 1952, as did in Chile in 1973, etc etc  etc....can i

No, i find it very depressing.i hope in US the "Bad militias" don't win.
The only way they can be deafeated, is by more precise doccumentary
public press (Not morbid media) on the subject, so the US pepole know
what kind of neighbor have.

If you see cablevision, i recomend to search in Cartoon Network an old
serie made by Hanna-Barbera named "Wait till your father gets home" was
a very critic one in its era, of the awful anticommunism of that
time,(1972) and i bet my pants that many of you not only didn't saw
those cartoons, but not even knew of them!! is so agressive that the
simpsons looks more like a mediocre liberal complaint at i'ts side.

Well, stop for the blablabla, i get bored with that...Kym, Lynn, don't
fight for friends. it's the only way we can change
things for the good of it for me.please.
P.S.Thanks Alan and Liesel and Doss for your good and nice commentaries
on my subject. i'll keep them in mind.

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