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Re: Militias

Jun 17, 1997 02:07 PM
by Wildefire

In a message dated 97-06-17 07:45:25 EDT, Kym wrote:

> It was a joke, Lynn.
>  Did you actually take this as serious?  Wow.

I took it in the context of your other message to me in the same thread which
downloaded in the same batch of mail. So, it sounded sarcastic rather than
humorous to me. I'm glad you found it funny. If you put a smiley in it, I'll
know to laugh the next time. ;-D (Why do I find myself having to write this?
Me, who subscribes to joke lists even, who compulsively cracks jokes... Why
this is a First and I should mark this date on my calendar--The First Time
It's Ever Been Implied That Lynn Lacked A Sense of Humor.)
>  Conservatives.

Conservatives? Where???

<Frantically looking around room>

<Wiping brow in relief>

Nothing but us anarcho-libertarian types at this email address. Sorry. If
you're looking for the Bedroom Police or forced-prayer-in-school crowd,
you're going to have to try another address. ;-D


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