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Jun 17, 1997 01:28 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Tom:  the root cause of the ballooning deficit was not either
the Reagan military buildup or the Democratic congress's
domestic spending, but that absolutely stupid and pointless
1981 tax cut.  The other two factors just expanded the harm
done at the beginning.  As for Carter's hypothetical second term, I don't
give Reagan credit for "winning the Cold War" which was
inevitable in any case.  But "what if..."
scenarios are just games, and cannot produce truth-functional

Liesel: I like you and don't like to rub in painful things.
But facts are facts, and the record is there; CWL admitted
"giving indicative action."  Don't recall who asked about
sources, but the lodge library may well not have the most
authoritative secondary source, The Elder Brother.  Apart from that, primary
source materials from those years are very hard to find,
although JHE has them.

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