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Re: Sundry

Jun 17, 1997 04:16 PM
by Tom Robertson

On Tue, 17 Jun 1997 16:28:49 -0400 (EDT) "K. Paul Johnson"
<> writes:

>Tom:  the root cause of the ballooning deficit was not either
>the Reagan military buildup or the Democratic congress's
>domestic spending, but that absolutely stupid and pointless
>1981 tax cut.

I read that federal tax revenues were roughly $530 billion in Carter's
last year and roughly $980 billion in Reagan's last year.  The Coolidge,
Kennedy, and Reagan tax cuts have often been cited as evidence that tax
cuts, by stimulating business activity, raise tax revenues.

>CWL admitted "giving indicative action."

Were his motives to instruct or for personal gratification?  I believe
the former.

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