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Pants on Fire?

Jun 14, 1997 10:12 PM
by kymsmith

Patrick wrote:

> paraphrase the famous story:
>   "When they came for the Bosnians
>       I did not fight because I was not Bosnian"
>   "When they came for the Rwandans
>      I did not fight because I was not Rwandan"
>   "When they came for the Irish
>      I did not fight because I was not Irish"
>   "When they came to take me away..
>       I found that there was no one left who fight for me"

This is a perfect and sickening example of how someone will twist something
to fit their agenda.

Excuse me, P. the Cleric - this is not a poem advocating the use of guns.
The message of this poem - in its ORIGINAL language - isn't to "fight" but
to "speak" out for those who are persecuted.

Maybe if that happened, there wouldn't be any need for guns.


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