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Words of Wisdom?

Jun 14, 1997 09:24 PM
by kymsmith

Doss offered a quote:

>  "I told you before now, that the highest people on earth (spiritually)
>belong to the first sub-race of the fifth root Race, and those are the Aryan
>Asiatics; the highest race (physicial intellectuality) is the last sub-race
>of the fifth -- yourselves the white conquerors."
>ML to APS, 3rd & Revised Edn. Adyar 1962. Letter No. 23B, pp. 151.

How can someone who's supposed to be so astute make a blanket statement like
that?  To begin, it would be way too easy to find "Aryan Asiatics" who are
clearly 'unspiritual' and a "white conqueror" who is weak in "physical

These kind of statements are prime for misinterpretation.  If I were
anything other than a "Aryan Asiatic" or a "white conqueror," I'd think
Theosophists were a bunch of bedlamites. (!)  And dangerous.

Either APS misreckoned while transcribing or ML needs to come down from the
mountain for awhile - breathing too much rarefied air can make you woozy.

What's a "white conqueror" anyway?


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