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Militias: new letter

Jun 14, 1997 11:36 PM
by Jaqtarin Samantha Triele

As a sympathizer of CAMO (Citizens Against Militant Oppression), I would
like to say a few words regarding what they stand for and what they are
against.  There is a lot that leaves room for misinterpretation of

First of all, CAMO is not  against militias in general.  On the contrary,
they praise the many existing militias ( hereafter defined, in my notes,
as "true" militias ) which have great concern for the welfare of their
people.  However, not all militias have that particular concern.  Quite a
few of them are basically "fascist" organizations which simply have a
patriotic motto.  These particular militias, hereafter defined ( in my
notes ) as fascists, do not care about ALL people.  They only care about
the ones who fit the profile of their "doctrines" and "perfect races" and
can identify with their definition of the "ideal government".  To these
organizations, all others are worthless, and to many of the fascists, the
worthless people of the society should be put to death.

True militias have a cause which benefits all people, regardless of race,
skin color, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.  These militias are here
to help ALL OF US.  They should not be looked down upon or shunned.  The
fascists, on the other hand, would like to see most of us dead, or put in
slavery.  The only people they feel are worth keeping alive and well are
those who fit their specific qualifications regarding race, skin color,
religion, sex, or sexual orientation.  The others, as far as they are
concerned, can go to hell.  It is these fascist militias that CAMO is
against.  Please do not confuse their cause and their concerns.  It could
only lead to a lot of misunderstanding and possibly a lot of violence.
Which leads to a second possible misunderstanding.

CAMO is not a violently aggressive organization.  Although they believe in
the U.S. second amendment right to bear arms for protection, they consider
the use of those arms to be a LAST resort.  In other words, they are not
another militia.  They are not a pro-arms organization.  They are not
trying to gather together an armed, anti-fascist force.  With regards to
the use of weapons, they believe that you shouldn't shoot anyone unless
you are about to be shot at.  That doesn't mean "if you THINK someone is
going to shoot".  If you are standing outside your home and someone points
a gun at you, THEN you should shoot.  They don't believe that, due to
paranoia and fear, you should hunt down the accused and kill them.  That
would make you as unethical as the fascists themselves.

This leads to the last thing I want to make clear.  CAMO is not an
organization which wants to take the law into their own hands.  Law
enforcement and armed protection of the people should be left to those who
are legally allowed to serve and protect.  CAMO is simply a voice which
wants to wake up the law-enforcement and government agencies, and make
them realize that there is a very serious problem developing within their
midst.  If fascist militias keep growing at the rate they seem to be, it
won't be long before our true protectors can no longer protect us in the
event of a catastrophe.  So CAMO only asks that the people use their
voices, and convince their governments that their lives and welfare are
being assaulted.  If you know of a fascist militia in your area, LET YOUR
GOVERNMENT KNOW.  If enough people express their concern about a problem,
the problem will be fixed.

That is really all I have to say for now.  I hope that the following
letter gives you an idea of what could be happening in your area.  I know
that this is only one of the many dangers that people face in this world.
Some of us are threatened by our own governments.  Some of us are
threatened by the rise of street gangs in our area.  Some of us are
threatened by organized crime like the Mafia or the Yakuza.  Some of us
are threatened by our own families.  All of this has one common factor.
Oppression.  CAMO believes that any kind of oppression can be annihilated
if the voice is loud enough to be heard.


" What is a militia in the United States?

Under the second amendment of the Constitution of the United States we
have a god-given right to keep and bear arms for our own protection.  If
not for the right to freely assemble we would not even have a PTA, let
alone a militia, and the old addage of every man of 17 years who can hold
and use a weapon.  But what, really, is a militia?

To me, a militia is the secondary force under the uniformed force we
already have for the protection of our country and its non-violent

There are several layers of protection for the common people of the United
States; The uniformed forces of Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines;  Then
the secondary uniformed forces, i.e. the National Guard and the Coast
Guard;  Then the State uniformed forces, i.e. State Guard, Police,
Troopers, and Patrol.   Then the organized militia, and, finally, the
common man.

In all of these forces, for the continuing existence of our community,
there needs to be one thing that they covet and fight for above all else.
The United States Constitution.

Here we have what I would call a doctrinated militia, not a constitutional
militia.  A constitutional militia would fight for the life, liberty, and
pursuit of happiness of all people in the face of oppression from a
foreign body, or even an oppressive government from within.  But what we
have is a militia that is only for its own gain, it's own purposes, and
its own agenda.

A doctrinated militia has two things in mind:
1)  Ethnic cleansing.  To remove any who would "non-white" and/or
non-"christian".  That means if you don't look like them or believe in the
doctrines which they believe in, you will be killed, period.
2)  If the United States should splinter into warring factions, the
militia would come in and initiate their own law and order and establish
itself and the "new government" for the state.

Who could stop them?  Their power is now enough to give pause to the
National Guard, the Police, several areas of local government, and many a
complacent citizen.  Fear is their weapon of choice.

I did a small thing which angered them, and even now their stalking
continues.  To look over your shoulder and perhaps see one ...a watchman
in a truck in front of you on the road to signal to the hidden man with
the rifle a verification that it is you in a confirmation to shoot
sleep at different places each night, waiting for the final shot in the

For the world-wide education of the people with regards to unethical and
oppressive militias.
CAMO (Citizens Against Militant Oppression) "

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