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Re: To: Johannes, Re: lost mail

Jun 13, 1997 07:42 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Almost all the postings during the last few months can be retrieved. They
are stored as files by date. Just sending a msg to with


in the body of the msg will get you a complete list of files.

Once this list is available, they can be retrieved by using the GET command.
I would suggest first sending a msg to the with


in the body of the msg.

Tha't is all to it.


At 09:22 AM 6/13/97 -0400, liesel f. deutsch wrote:
>Dear Johannes,
>Why do you want theos-buds? Most of our communications are on theos-l. I'll
>be glad to send you some stuff, or maybe, when you let me know what you're
>interested in, I'll ask John Mead to fish it out of the archives for you. He
>knows better how it works than I do. Anyway, please let me know what it is
>you want.
>I understand German, if you'd rather write in German. My talking is a little
>rusty, but it still works too.
>>I am very sorry, but due to a mistake I lost all of my e-mail of the last few
>>If there is anybody out there, who wrote me and didn't get a reply, please
>>mail me again.
>>Also all of the stored listings are gone, so, now I 've just the number 233
>>of  Theos-Buds-Digest. Maybe somebody is so friendly to remail me some of the
>>last issues of the last month.
>>All of you, who did'nt got the message:
>>The theosophical group "HERMES TRISMEGISTOS" in Saarland (Germany) has her
>>own Homepage. The URL is:
>>       e-mail-adress:
>>We are very interested in contacts with other people, who are also interested
>>in theosophy.
>>Thanks for your patience. Johannes.

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