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Re: Ominous pattern

Jun 13, 1997 05:43 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Thanks to all who have offered theories.  I'm inclined to
accept Tim's, Alan's, Jerry's, and even Bart's hypotheses more
than Eldon's.  That's because in addition to the things that
are outright stolen from the library, there are all the books
checked out and never returned.  Anything about Satanism,
witchcraft, astral travel, dream interpretation, etc. tends to
be in the latter category, and we *see* the people who abscond
with those.  Young (under 30), weird/flaky, probably into drugs and
piercing and God knows what else.  Never heard of postmodernism in their
lives, but they are certainly anomic and out for themselves which
amounts to the same thing Bart is saying.  Looking for ways to
manipulate reality to suit them, or a rush.  Fundamentalists
would, I think, fear divine wrath for stealing; although there
may be a kind in Southern California rather different from our
relatively harmless local variety.

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