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The coming of the Arhats

Jun 10, 1997 02:55 PM
by Sveinn Freyr

>Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 22:16:21 -0500
>From: M K Ramadoss <>
>>Jim, - tell them to wake up.
>>The Arhats will be with us in the next century, and then they will give us
>>more teaching than ever before. And that will in time lead to this:

        "a Buddha like myself.......
  He shall lead an Order of Brethren numbering many thousands, even as
I do now lead an Order of Brethren numbering many hundreds."

> The question I have is whether the teachings that have been given by HPB
>has been effective used up by the humanity. If not, I donot see how more
>teachings is going to help the humanity.

My thought about your question is:
The Teaching given to us by The Brotherhood has not been effectively used.
There have been around, to many boomerangs of irritation and
non-recognition, between working individuals and Ashram-groups. This has
seriously harmed the work. And also; many of the Ashram-groups have not been
able to reach the physical plane, as was planned early in this century. The
war period was the delaying factor. As you know, the wars were, and are also
in the other worlds.
The presence of the Arhats with us is a matter of great importance.

It is my opinion that there are now in formation groups, that will be in fit
to cooperate and work together as will be needed in the coming decades.

These groups will have knowledge of the best, in esoteric studies.
These groups will not be authority bounded, like they are so many today.
We must realize that there is no perfect esoteric teaching available. And
that what is ahead will be more comprehensive than what has been given.

Let us therefore, "pick up knowledge as bees pick up honey."
Let us not waste energy and time in criticism and arguments. To reason and
analyze, that is a different matter.


I have a question in mind. How do you define the word Arhat.?
Definition of the word varies between writers.


>>    It is hoped that posting will help many theos-l subscribers in the USA
>> and especially outside USA be able to read the publication for free. This
>> will be appreciated particularly by those who cannot afford to purchase them
>> and also for those in some of the countries, especially in the former Soviet
>> Union and third world, where access to US Dollars is very tough and
>> relatively very expensive.

Do you have some contacts in Russia.?
The Russians students of Theosophy would welcome cooperation with students
in other countries. They have actually been seeking for such cooperation.
Things have been made difficult for them, by groups pretending to be
Theosophists, trying to profit by asking for financial support.

The study group that I work with, has given support and co-operation to
groups in Russia. We have been planning a combined news-letter and a
study-list. The plan is to have that e-mail list in action, in the fall. It
will be Global and open for all.

Sveinn Freyr

PS. I will be in the upland most of the time in the summer. Therefore I may miss
some mail.

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