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Theos-L Digest 1075 and Gerry S. post

Jun 10, 1997 10:24 AM
by DSArthur

   I agree with Gerry's views (on dreams, celibacy, etc.) in most respects
and perhaps, with a little clarification, in all respects.  Regarding
<reality>, for the purpose of my Digest comments I was referring to physical
reality.  Yes, yes, I know, impermanent things are Maya, an illusion.
 Therefore, there isn't any physical <reality>.  But, in my view, even
illusions are, for all practical purposes, "real."  That is, they are
temporarily "real" in the form of "illusions."  I think we are into symantics
here.  I did not intend to infer in my post that "the only reality is the
physical plane."  Reality, in my judgment, is All That Is ... including (at
least temporarily) all aspects of Maya.  Regarding the Bible verse quoted
(1Co 13:11), I feel the true meaning of what Paul is saying is: as we evolve
we don't so much conquer or destroy certain elements of our nature (such as
sexual desire) but, rather, we transcend them.  And as for sexual desire
being "healthy", the reality is that any desire that can best be fulfilled on
the physical plane will bring us back to this plane again and again until we
either fulfill that desire completely ... or, as I think Paul suggests, we
transcend it completely.  It is we who must make the choices ... and endure
the consequences of those choices.  With regard to dreams, I concur that some
(the "exceptions to the rule") reflect happenings on higher planes.  But most
of them, at least in my experience, seem to focus on the earth plane.
 Gerry's posts appear to me to reflect an unusually deep understanding of
issues such as those currently being discussed.  I look forward to reading
more from him.   Dennis

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