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Year 2000 (astrology/planets)

Jun 08, 1997 07:11 AM
by Patrick Alessandra, Psy.D.

Year 2000 (astrology/planets)    [from newsgroup discussions]

" The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction which occurs on May 28, 2000, reflects
dramatic economic, and consequently value judgement de-structurization.
Natural disasters have a way of quickly dissolving status (Capricorn)
barriers, which is necessary for the next mutation of conjunctions
(Jupiter/Saturn) in the air signs (the trinity of idea interaction)."

"Jupiter and Saturn are the only planets in Earth and are squared by
Uranus in Aquarius. ... Pioneers discover information that dramatically
alters world perspective (Pluto). There will be great economic
destructurization which will neccessitate power decentralization. Our
greatest difficulties will come from governmental dissaray and the final
recognition that we have given far to much power to those in authority.
New aspects of the higher self and mind will have to be put to use by
each individual......The trine of the Sun to Neptune in the Air element
promises some marvelous and exciting artistic and spiritual
enlightenment and is the way out of some difficult dilemmas."

"The means for the upheavel of the year 2000 may very well be in J/S squares Uranus...the "00" software legacy code will be
having its effects...interestingly this software programming began in
the late 50's/early sixties when J/S where applying opposition to

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